Twice the carbon footprint

Writer Alan Caruba floats the notion that Al and Tipper Gore are separating purely as a subterfuge:

There was, Mr. Gore told everyone, a climate crisis, and in the process, he grew rich, hailed [as] the first “carbon billionaire” for his various investments. As bad as the bursting of the housing bubble has been, the next bubble will be a very green one. And, at the heart of it will be the Nobel Peace Prize winner, Al Gore, and his partner in crime, the U.N. climate change program.

If Al Gore and Tipper are legally separated, it will likely provide a measure of protection for the millions he has. This, I suggest, is probably the real reason for the separation. It is as coldly calculated as his global-warming lies. Even their forty-year marriage must be sacrificed.

I suspect Mr Caruba may be right about the next bubble — technologies that rely so heavily on tax credits and such are not, you should pardon the phrase, “sustainable” — but I have my doubts about the larger premise. It is indeed true that Senator Jim Inhofe (R-OK) has called for an investigation into some of Gore’s financials, but how likely is it that there will be an investigation? Chances are zero this year, and not much better next year unless Congressional Democrats are turned out by the dozens.

(Note to John Boehner: if 100 incumbents are actually sent packing in November, I may actually have to consider switching my registration to the GOP. I think, though, I have a better chance of landing a date with one of these right-wing hotties than of seeing the Republicans make more than perfunctory gains.)

Besides, there’s a built-in ick factor associated with the motivations behind any marriage failure, and I’m not particularly fond of ick.

(Via John J. Ray.)

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  1. CGHill »

    5 June 2010 · 10:05 pm

    Oh, and speaking of ick factor, this is pretty damned icky:

    Too bad. If they’re separating that presumably means they’ll no longer be having sexual relations, which means I’ll never live out my personal fantasy of learning the two of them died after choking on each other in flagrante soixante-neuf. Dang.

    Anyone got some eyebleach offsets to spare?

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