Russian Hawks

One story you always hear about Cuba is the vast quantity of pre-embargo American cars still on the road, held together by spit and baling wire and chewing gum and sheer force of will. I always wondered if any of them had been spirited out of Havana to Moscow in the traditional Soviet fashion.

Now I’m thinking “maybe,” if only because of the presence of this lovely Studebaker Golden Hawk, vintage 1957 or so, at the Legendary Rally of Vintage Cars in the Russian capital in late May:

Studebaker Golden Hawk

And who was that passenger? I don’t know, but the least I can do is get a better look at her:

Studebaker Golden Hawk

(Via The Truth About Cars.)


  1. GradualDazzle »

    8 June 2010 · 7:54 am

    WHAT a gorgeous car!! The chickie has on a spiffy outfit and I like her pumps, although I wouldn’t want to be wearing any sort of heel at all on a cobblestone street. I’d end up in the orthopedic surgery ward within a microsecond.

  2. ak4mc »

    8 June 2010 · 7:56 am

    Hot chicks everywhere dig cool cars.

  3. Baby M »

    8 June 2010 · 4:28 pm

    Drool, slobber, covet, WANT!

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