Bevo don’t surf

John Kelso of the Austin American-Statesman has a geographical issue with the proposed Pac-16:

[T]he Pac-10 is talking about starting a superconference, with the eight West Coast teams in one division, and Texas, Texas A&M, Texas Tech, Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, Colorado, Arizona and Arizona State in the other division.

Doesn’t management have a map in the Pac-10 office kicking around somewhere? Look it up. Pac stands for Pacific, as in that great big ocean out west of here. Trust me. Surf’s not up in College Station — unless you’re talking about the detergent.

Should we break it to him that the Round Rock Express, one county north of Austin, plays Triple-A baseball in the, um, Pacific Coast League?


  1. ak4mc »

    9 June 2010 · 9:04 am

    Come on, Kelso — this is sports, not geography. When the New York football teams play in New Jersey and the L.A. teams play in Anaheim, calling Texas “Pacific” is only a matter of degree.

  2. Mark »

    9 June 2010 · 10:43 am

    So they can have a Pacific Division and an Belligerent Division.

  3. Charles Pergiel »

    9 June 2010 · 5:24 pm

    John Kelso? Isn’t he dead yet? If memory serves (which is debatable), he was writing for the AAS when I lived in Austin 25 years ago. I guess that’s not that long ago, and I’m still alive, so I guess it’s okay.

    Texas is West of the Mississippi, and probably even further West of the Center of population. Still, California and Texas in the same league? I can see some people turning purple.

  4. CGHill »

    9 June 2010 · 5:48 pm

    For that matter, Oklahoma City’s Triple-A ball club was in the PCL, moved to the American Association, and then returned to the PCL after the AA disbanded. (The current 16-team PCL has a Pacific Division and an American Division, which should be self-explanatory.)

    As of 1980, the center of population had made it across the Mississippi and into the state of Missouri.

  5. Mike Pechar »

    10 June 2010 · 5:38 am

    Rumor is that Nebraska will leave the Big 12 and go to the Big Ten.

  6. CGHill »

    10 June 2010 · 7:04 am

    Supposedly, Mizzou might also, though Nebraska is apparently going to be the first defector.

    The old Big Eight has been dead for years; perhaps it’s time to throw the Big 12 on top of it and close the lid.

  7. ak4mc »

    10 June 2010 · 8:13 am

    Rumor is that Nebraska will leave the Big 12 and go to the Big Ten.

    Which one will then get to be “The Big 11,” and which will have to settle for being “The Other Big 11?”

  8. CGHill »

    10 June 2010 · 8:53 am

    Then again, the Big Ten already has 11 teams.

  9. ak4mc »

    10 June 2010 · 10:48 am

    “The Big Ten and Little Two.”

  10. CGHill »

    10 June 2010 · 3:41 pm

    Don’t encourage them.

  11. Steven Taylor »

    10 June 2010 · 4:54 pm

    To echo a bit what Charles said: as I recall, Keslo’s act is being a curmudgeon–at least it was when I last lived in Austin 12ish years ago. I, like, Charles, am semi-surprised he is still writing for the paper.

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