Meet the new thrift, same as the old thrift

Dave D’Alessandro of the Star-Ledger is wondering about all these NBA owners crying poverty:

We were talking to a general manager presently sitting out the market (so far) about the absurd numbers being thrown around on Day 1 — notably, at Rudy Gay ($82M), Darko Miličić ($20M), Drew Gooden ($32M, thanks to bloody genius Dan Fegan) — and he made a point that his owner and commissioner probably should heed pretty carefully.

“One of the most interesting dances we’re going to see after this orgy of spending,” the GM said, “is that when you give these run-of-the-mill free agents substantial contracts, how is David (Stern) going to go in front of the union when this CBA expires [in 2011] and say, ‘Uh, we’re broke.’

“Broke, my butt — you just gave Darko $20 million? You just gave Rudy Gay, a third-tier player — talented, but not really driven to succeed — more than $80 million? And now you’re telling the players we need a new business model, when owners are giving money away like candy on Halloween? Lots of luck with that.”

Well, it doesn’t sound like Sam Presti, anyway.

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