On a noisy corner

In 1969, Warner Bros. Records had just introduced a two-record sampler album, the first of many, and much of the six pages of liner was devoted to introducing acts you might not have heard of yet. Joni Mitchell’s “Nathan la Franeer” was placed on side 4, along with this effusive description of Joni live:

“Enter Joni at the Troubador with a floor-length witch shawl or better yet a velveteen mini that gets it out there with all but the last few inches of excellent Canada farm-bred legs.”

Yes, there was a lot of stuff about her songwriting chops (considerable) and her Friends in the Industry (substantial), but they were really anxious for you to know that she was purty.

Which she was:

Joni Mitchell

But by the time I picked up this sampler, deep into 1970, I’d already fallen hard for Ladies of the Canyon, her third LP, and wouldn’t have much cared what she looked like. (Which was this.)

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