Lateral arabesque?

No one seems to know why Republican National Committee chair Michael Steele is looking for meetings with foreign diplomats. When I first read about this, I assumed it was an extension of the Peter Principle:

Peter suggests that a manager who finds himself saddled with an incompetent employee has the ability to get rid of that employee without firing him. Peter suggests a lateral arabesque, or giving an incompetent employee a longer title with less responsibility. This way the employee still feels important, but is kept away from the flammable material, so to speak.

On the other hand, Steele is the chairman; how likely is it that he’d pass this judgment upon himself?

So there has to be something else at work here. In the absence of a better explanation, I’m going with E. M. Zanotti’s take:

[F]oreign dignitaries and diplomats can’t vote and definitely can’t give money to American elections. Steele should at least know that, considering my mom used to receive direct mail from the RNC during the Clinton years showing Al Gore surreptitiously taking game show checks from monks in China. Unless Steele’s planning on honing his connections so that once he takes over as President the transition is smooth (or, worse, trying to confuse the sh*t out of people who don’t speak English), we’ve got an unnecessary waste of funds here. Or, of course, he could just be forming up the Justice League.

Typical DC-centric approach. Where are the Avengers when we need them?

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  1. Brian J. »

    5 August 2010 · 7:49 am

    They could not donate up until 2008.

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