Mildly absurd

Maison Martin Margiela Slouch BootiesWomen’s shoes are not a high priority at Instapundit, unless they’re on sale at Amazon, so finding this statement from him was rather startling: “Are these actually the most ridiculous shoes ever, or just really, really ridiculous?”

Short answer: No, and maybe. There are worse shoes than this just about every day at If Shoes Could Kill. And I am generally inclined to cut some slack to Maison Martin Margiela, whose slouch booties these are, if only because they recently turned out some Cinderella-worthy glass slippers.

Still, why would Glenn Reynolds single out this particular pair of shoes for (admittedly mild) invective? He updated his post with the following Mark Behnke quote: “Forget the shoes Glenn, focus on the legs! Wowzers.” And Robert Stacy McCain has suggested that Reynolds is in fact a leg man, citing as evidence “the stems on Dr. Helen.” I’ll take McCain’s word for it, in the absence of any reason not to, but now I’m wondering if maybe the backstory here involves the InstaWife: perhaps she saw them somewhere and offhandedly said something like “How would these look on me?” And when he regained his composure — well, what else would he do?

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