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Stacy McCain has the video of David Letterman’s apparent first encounter with Zooey Deschanel, and regarding Dave’s tendency to perv on the female guests, he remarks:

The thing is, before the sexual harassment stuff made headlines, I’d always thought of Letterman’s hubba-hubba routine with female guests (e.g., famously, Drew Barrymore) as a sort of ironic sarcasm thing. But the geezerly nudge-wink ceased to be funny after we discoverd that Letterman’s been shagging the office help since … well, forever.

Then again, Drew was up to the task of taking matters into her own hands.

Extra bonus perviance: In McCain’s comment section, the topic briefly turns to, um, me.

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  1. jefferson101 »

    11 August 2010 · 8:03 pm

    I couldn’t help it, Sir.

    Since I’m not big on movies and suchlike, I never knew that Zooey existed, until I started reading through here on occasion.

    You did manage to get me to do a Google, and now I am aware of her curriculum vitae, as it were. But you and she are connected in my memory forever.

    I’ve done research that was a whole lot harder on my eyes, and ears, FWIW.

    And you aren’t boring. What more could I ask for in a Blog?

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