A sort of multiplier effect

Although it’s hard to see where any value is being created:

Some enterprising youths have made a killing on eBay with my son’s TI-83 calculators — four stolen in two years. My husband is convinced he has bought back the exact same calculator four times.

Three times, I’d believe. (First time it was new, right?)

Then again, this might be the result of a limited pool of equipment. Halfway through the 1975 model year, Toyota apparently changed the starter design on the Celica — and then changed it again for the ’76 models. Which meant that starters for the 1975½ (for lack of a better term) were few and far between. In 195,000 miles, I went through three starters; I’d bet the third one was the first one with a coat of paint and a fresh Bendix.

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