Wrecktified data

Every year, Allstate ranks the biggest cities in order of traffic-accident likelihood, and this year Fort Collins, Colorado, last year’s #2, claimed the top spot, bumping (so to speak) Sioux Falls, South Dakota.

Oklahoma City is sixty-eighth out of 193, though statistically, I find it more interesting that OKC is the closest to the national norm: we have, says Allstate, 0.2 percent fewer accidents than average. In its numero-uno spot, Fort Collins has 31.2 percent fewer accidents than average.

Tulsa placed 92nd, 4.8 percent above average in accident frequency. At rock bottom: the District of Columbia. Washington boasts (if that’s the word) 95.5 percent above average; next-to-last-place Baltimore isn’t all that close, at 79.4.

Allstate also reports on “years between accidents,” which is 14.5 in safe, secure Fort Collins and 5.1 in wild, woolly D.C. (Oklahoma City comes in at 10, Tulsa at nine and a half.)


  1. Laura »

    4 September 2010 · 5:06 am

    Is that Paris Hilton in that picture?

  2. Marianna @ Israel »

    4 September 2010 · 5:12 am

    This list is very approximate as it seems. Besides it’s not good psychologically for the inhabitants of the cities which are most prone to accidents to know about these sad statistics.

  3. CGHill »

    4 September 2010 · 10:39 am

    I believe that is indeed Paris Hilton in the picture at the link.

    I’m not sure how much psychological damage is being caused by being identified as a city full of crummy drivers. Given our Lake Wobegon-ish tendency to believe ourselves above average regardless, the blame will be placed on Those Other People out there. And in some places where traffic difficulties are legendary — think Los Angeles — the personal calculations become almost Darwinian.

    But “very approximate”? Absolutely.

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