Skedaddle mode remains at the ready

It’s been a while since the last World Tour, but when the power went off here at the Estate at 6:20 or so, I was packed and ready to go in my standard thirty minutes, ready to check into the nearest hotel (which did, I verified, have rooms, despite the widespread power outage).

Well, there was one little hang-up, and it’s one I presumably wouldn’t encounter on the road. I pulled the rip cord on the garage-door opener so I could back the car out — taking a taxi just didn’t seem budgetarian enough — and raised the door. I then came back through the house and went out to reconnect the beast so it would be working when the power came back on, whenever that might be.

And failed. Miserably. In fact, I knocked the door off the track during one attempt. It took me all of twenty minutes to get the thing reconnected, and as I was putting the ladder away, power was restored.

This is, I must point out, a very old opener, and newer ones may be easier to reconnect. Still, I suppose I’m slightly reassured that my Quick Pack routine still works.

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  1. unimpressed »

    7 September 2010 · 3:30 am

    If/when you replace that opener, go with the screw-type–no chain to stretch, and therefore no top/bottom readjustment necessary. The one at my parent’s house disconnects and reconnects easily. When the previous one broke, I installed the present one for them. Had this not been my first one, it would likely have taken half or less the time. I don’t recall the brand or model (likely Sears), but the instructions were accurate and well-written.

    I reused the old receiver (the old remotes still worked and continued to do so, it was motor that burned out) at the door end of the garage so that they could reach in and close the door without having to try to run out and dodge both the lowering door and the IR sensor.

    I dunno how handy you are with tools, what tools you possess or what your comfort level is on a short ladder so your mileage may vary.

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