Help wanted, in a manner of speaking

A number of Actual Reporters read these pages, so I figure they’ll nod and go “Yep” when they see this ad posted by the Illinois Valley News of Cave Junction, Oregon:

How bad do you want to be a reporter? Bad enough to work nights and weekends? The poor glutton for punishment that’s chosen will cover city and county government. Sports and general interest feature stories.

In exchange for your long hours and tireless efforts you will be rewarded with low pay and marginal health insurance. Please send resume, and 3 writing samples to [email address redacted]. This is a full time salaried position located in the beautiful northwest.

I suspect the next thing they’ll say is what I said: “There’s an Illinois Valley in Oregon?” (Answer: Yes.)

This is, says Gawker, The World’s Most Honest Journalism Job Ad.


  1. sya »

    4 October 2010 · 11:07 am

    That sounds like grad school.

  2. ak4mc »

    4 October 2010 · 11:12 am

    In exchange for your long hours and tireless efforts you will be rewarded with low pay and marginal health insurance and the reflexive contempt of the general public.

    Fixed that for them.

  3. Tom »

    4 October 2010 · 11:17 am

    But in the movie “Superman,” Daily Planet reporter Lois Lane lived in a penthouse apartment overlooking Central Park.

  4. CGHill »

    4 October 2010 · 11:23 am

    Have you ever seen Metropolis? Trust me on this. They’re way short of penthouses.

  5. fillyjonk »

    4 October 2010 · 11:56 am

    1. It DOES sound like grad school.

    2. I was surprised when I first moved here, to find there was an Illinois River in Oklahoma. Now you’re telling me there’s an Illinois Valley in Oregon?

  6. Teresa »

    4 October 2010 · 12:11 pm

    Well, there is an Oregon, Illinois so I suppose it’s only fair. LOL.

  7. fillyjonk »

    4 October 2010 · 12:28 pm

    True that. (I’ve been through Oregon, Illinois, at least once, back when I was working on my dissertation research: driving to as many prairie remnants as I could sample in a summer. Everything in Illinois is a minimum of 2 hours from everything else, I decided.)

  8. Brian J. »

    4 October 2010 · 2:32 pm

    There’s a Milwaukie, Oregon, too.

    They really have a case of Midwest envy up there, for sure.

  9. fillyjonk »

    4 October 2010 · 5:42 pm

    There’s also a Zilwaukee, Michigan, which I heard was so named in an attempt to derail German immigrants headed for Milwaukee and draft them to work there instead. (I think it was at foundries, but I could be wrong there.)

  10. unimpressed »

    5 October 2010 · 6:07 am

    There’s Nevada (Nee-vay-duh) MO; Miami (My-am-uh) OK; Tampa and Atlanta KS, just to rattle off a few more.

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