Shenzi’s calling for take-out

Mother Gaia, left to her own devices, is a major biatch, and the next time some self-righteous greenozoid tells you that mankind is a blight on the ecosystem, you might want to remind him of this:

Not being eaten by hyenas every time you get a sufficiently slowing case of the sniffles is one of those major motivating forces for having civilizations, which is a point that has usually never been fully appreciated by people writing posts about the dangers of thimerosol in vaccines on an iPad. Not being eaten by hyenas is also a rarely recognized but truly essential ingredient for producing people whose full-time profession is philosopher or pundit.

Of course, if after hearing this, he wants to be eaten by hyenas, there’s no reason on earth why you’d want to stand in his way.


  1. fillyjonk »

    4 October 2010 · 5:41 pm

    Having had aunts old enough (and a great-uncle) who talked about life (and raising children) during the polio years, I tend to not buy into the anti-vaccine arguments.

    I am also extremely fond of the existence of antibiotics, having had scarlet fever as a child and NOT having wound up with either rheumatic fever or a damaged optic or auditory nerve (or both) as a sequelae, because of ampicillin (or whatever it was).

    And indoor plumbing – and the consequent avoidance of cholera – is nice, too.

  2. Nicole »

    4 October 2010 · 5:48 pm

    Not fearing demise by many things our ancestors feared is a huge motivating factor for using all available science and tech at our disposal.

  3. KingShamus »

    4 October 2010 · 5:52 pm

    I blame the hateful eliminationist rhetoric on the Left for this phenomenon.

    (Yeah, I stole it from Instapundit.)

  4. CalvinsMom »

    4 October 2010 · 6:08 pm

    I’d like to be able to throw people to the hyenas.

  5. ak4mc »

    4 October 2010 · 6:28 pm

    Not having firsthand knowledge, I am nevertheless quite confident that being eaten by hyenas does not tickle.

  6. Jeffro »

    4 October 2010 · 9:47 pm

    Self righteous greenazoids sleep safe in their beds because rough men stand ready in the night to visit violence on hyenas who would do them harm.

  7. unimpressed »

    5 October 2010 · 5:53 am

    CalvinsMom: Just trip the guy/gal running from them beside you…..

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