Check your trenchcoat, sir?

Pay hefty baggage fees when you fly? What for? Stuff everything in your pockets:

Debenhams says that budget travellers are “picking the pockets of airline thanks to a loophole in the baggage rules”.

The shop has seen sales of its big coats and lots of pockets rise by 350% over the summer, and it thinks passengers are doing it to avoid expensive baggage charges.

“Rather than pay expensive charges for stowing cases in the hold of the plane, canny holidaymakers are using their free hand luggage allowance and ‘wearing’ the rest of their baggage.”

Then again, Debenhams is a British store. Will this sort of thing work in the States? Peter says it will:

I flew [Saturday] from Tennessee to Alaska, to visit Miss D. and help with the closing stages of reassembling her aircraft’s wings. Instead of taking my normal cabin carry-on bag, I took a smaller unit, and filled the pockets of a military-surplus winter parka that I brought along.

Of course, once they catch on they’ll charge you for having the temerity to own garments with deep pockets.


  1. Nicole »

    5 October 2010 · 12:51 pm

    I’ve been telling people – naked flight is coming. Then those see through planes Airbus wants to have will be doubly scary.

  2. ak4mc »

    5 October 2010 · 12:57 pm

    The problem with this stratagem is that it requires sending such enormous amounts of “baggage” down the conveyor at the checkpoint. I tended to (almost) empty my pockets into my carry-on for travel days precisely to avoid that hassle.

  3. fillyjonk »

    5 October 2010 · 1:56 pm

    “picking the pockets of airlines…”

    There is something very wrong with the assumption made by this statement. (I realize it’s in jest, but still). Add that to the pile of reasons why I Will Never Fly Again (Unless I Am Invited Into Someone’s Private Plane)

  4. Teresa »

    5 October 2010 · 9:07 pm

    Photographers have been doing this for quite a while. I can’t think of the name of the company but there is one out there that makes vests to hold photo gear and many people wear them to cart stuff onto planes.

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