The horror of a #2 finish

David Fleming, in ESPN The Magazine, on the last thing an athlete ever wants to happen:

The ability to deflect signals from the brain that say, “We’re tired, this is dangerous, we should stop,” is a common trait among elite athletes. In a rather cruel twist of fate, though, that same quality also makes them more susceptible to crapping their pants. Jocks are taught to ignore pain and fight through fatigue, and they often mistake the rectum’s initial accommodation response as a sign of total control over the area.

On the other hand, when you gotta go … well, you know the rest.

(Via TrueHoop.)


  1. Nicole »

    8 October 2010 · 8:28 am

    That is a very interesting article. I had no idea. It will forever change my perception of athletes. I never revered them, but still, I never imagined they shat their pants.

  2. ak4mc »

    8 October 2010 · 9:14 am

    I believe it may have been an episode of the late, lamented “ABC Wide World of Sports,” covering one of the first Ironman Triathlon competitions in Hawaii, that failed to leave this fact to my imagination.

    I think the athlete in question may even have won.

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