Proving that I’m easily distracted

Yesterday’s photos from Diary of a Nudist [warning page from Google, plus your work filters are gonna choke] followed the theme “What’s on your ‘to-do’ list?” Lots of naked people, of course, but instead of just sitting there soaking up the Vitamin D, they’re engaged in actual work.

Second photo down, a young lady is tossing a bit of rubbish into the bin adjoining the parking area; the vehicle nearest to her is a Matrix. A Hyundai Matrix.

“It didn’t look like a Toyota,” I said to myself, and after a bit of Bingage, I arrived at the heart of the matter: Hyundai’s Matrix is the Euroversion of the Lavita, a mini-MPV that’s not sold over here. Toyota, meanwhile, sells no Matrixes (Matrices?) in Europe.

This is not the first time Hyundai has used a nameplate that you might have seen elsewhere, either; their little i30 wagon, unrelated to anything Infiniti ever sold with an I30 badge, is popular in Europe and Australia, and is establishing a presence in the States as the Elantra Touring.

That said, if you look at that same photo and say “I thought he said there was a car in this picture,” it’s okay with me.


  1. KingShamus »

    8 October 2010 · 8:55 pm

    “…a young lady is tossing a bit of rubbish into the bin adjoining the parking area…”

    Proving once again that there is such a thing as bad female nudity.

  2. Donna B. »

    9 October 2010 · 1:42 pm

    Some of those photos were horrifying. Not the nudity, but doing some of those jobs without the protection of clothing, especially shoes. At least no one was working with insulation.

  3. CGHill »

    9 October 2010 · 3:20 pm

    This much I will say, and no more: One should wear pants when operating a string trimmer.

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