Malice at the Palace

If we learned anything last season, it’s that Rodney Stuckey has the Thunder’s number, and I’ll frown at anyone who says that Stuckey isn’t really a point guard; tonight he rattled off 24 points and served up nine assists. And the Pistons have one of the best sixth men: Ben Gordon, who was good for 32. Despite all this, Detroit trailed most of the game, getting a one-point lead with 7.5 seconds on the clock, only to see Jeff Green slash his way to the rim with 2.5 left, giving Oklahoma City its first road win, 105-104.

Uncle Jeff, in fact, played more minutes than anyone (42), and if he’s looking these days like someone in a contract year, well, he has his reasons. Another milestone: Serge Ibaka’s first double-double (16 points, 10 rebounds). And it’s a measure of Kevin Durant’s putative greatness that he didn’t shoot worth squat — nine of 24 from the floor — and still got 30 points. In fact, the Thunder generally didn’t shoot worth squat: 38.8 percent. Meanwhile, the Pistons’ perimeter shooting was even better than usual: eight treys in twelve tries, while OKC was missing 13 of 15.

Still, even an uncomfortable W is still a W, and it’s always fun to see a sellout at the Palace at Auburn Hills, something that didn’t happen too often last season. Next outing is back home at the Unforded Center, against the Jazz.

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