Not necessarily shoes for industry

I here admit to having read Jennifer Weiner’s In Her Shoes, a fairly sophisticated work of Jewish-American literature pretending to be chick lit. (I also read Weiner’s Good in Bed, which I thought was slightly better.) I never did get around to seeing the movie made from In Her Shoes, but for some reason (oh, sure) the poster stuck in my mind, and when Toni Collette’s birthday rolled up, suddenly I had an excuse to put it up here.

In Her Shoes poster

Incidentally, Weiner doesn’t disdain the “chick lit” tag:

“[Y]ou don’t have to love the term chick lit, but if you’re smart, you’ll realize the practical implications of that kind of labeling. Female protagonist, urban setting, smart, sarcastic voice. I don’t see why it matters if you’re thrown into this category. Unless you think you’re the next coming of Virginia Woolf, and then I guess it would be a problem for you.”

And I’m sure she doesn’t object to selling an occasional book to a guy-type person, either.

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  1. Francis W. Porretto »

    2 November 2010 · 3:52 am

    But not necessarily shoes for defense, either.

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