Today it’s all multiple-choice

But there was a time when the dating service made you write an essay:

Men wanted

A contemporary search of 4554 North Broadway, Chicago, Illinois 60640 turns up the headquarters of Inspiration Corporation, which “helps hundreds of homeless and low-income individuals gain the skills to succeed in the workforce and increase self sufficiency.” I’m guessing they don’t try to marry ’em off.

(Via Miss Cellania.)


  1. hatless in hattiesburg »

    3 November 2010 · 12:47 am

    the essay is less surprising to me than some of the other phrases:

    “…screaming to meet you.” – uhhh, that could go a couple of ways i hope they didn’t intend…

    “no man is any good without a woman.” – female chauvinism!

    “do not send money” – srsly?!?

  2. fillyjonk »

    3 November 2010 · 7:35 am

    Given the recent online-dating escapades of a few women I know, they might be screaming to get away from the men after they meet them…

    Surely, that ad must be a joke?

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