Two hearts in sync

Were there a specific genetic pattern which produced klutziness, I’d be a (marginally) happier man: I could blame my utter lack of grace on previous generations. And I wouldn’t feel compelled to stare longingly at stuff like this:

[T]hough I don’t watch it often, I do kind of like the couples’ figure skating or the ballroom dancing competitions. I think I figured out why. It’s the fantasy that it presents, and it’s a very “girly” fantasy I think: the fantasy is that you have a partner, and he understands you and you understand him to the point that you can execute these complex moves without even talking. It’s like it’s this pure communication, or something. Oh, I know, in reality, it takes many agonizing hours of working through choreography to make it look good, and some “couples” are not only not actual couples, they don’t necessarily like each other all that much. But still. It’s an appealing fantasy, to have someone strong enough to lift you up and dip you and who will hold your hand and not be embarrassed about it.

It’s not exclusively girly.

Then again, I have, all by my lonesome, enough communication barriers to relationship-proof the New Jersey Turnpike, so it’s probably just as well that I can’t dance worth a flip.

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