Perhaps trying too hard

For years now, the Tampa Tribune has had a Web presence at As is apparently de rigueur these days, they’ve come up with a custom URL shortener:

There has been some rumbling in the Twitterverse about why one shouldn’t use those wicked .ly domains, which are issued by the General Post and Telecommunication Company of Libya, a public firm chaired by Muhammad al-Gaddafi. (You probably know about his dad, the Colonel.) I’m not in a position to complain about this, since I have been known to squish down URLs through, which is not owned by the Libyans but which pays the stiffish price for one of their domains. But bothers me for a different reason, the same one cited by Costa Tsiokos here:

Because, somehow, is too damned long, with that extra letter “m”?

I guess “Hey, ain’t we cool? We have our own shortener!” is believed to be worth something in goodwill.

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