Hammond cheese

Church mice, so far as I know, didn’t take a vow of poverty, but they are universally recognized as poor, and therefore presumably are discriminated against:

Advertisement for Mason and Hamlin organs

For some reason, this title burst its way into my head Monday afternoon after lunch; when I stumbled across this picture (thank you, TYWKIWDBI), I knew I had to put it to use.


  1. fillyjonk »

    11 November 2010 · 8:47 am

    Franz Gruber could have used one of those.

    Of course, if that were the case, we might not have “Silent Night.”

    (There’s an old, old story that says that the organ in his church was out of commission because a mouse ate part of the leather bellows, requiring him to use a guitar as his accompaniment.)

  2. CT »

    11 November 2010 · 10:38 am

    For some reason, I always associate owls, and subsequent de-owling, with church organs. (Perhaps because of the apparent mouse smorgasborg to be had within the pipes?)

  3. Keith »

    11 November 2010 · 11:52 am

    As Cpt’n Oevure would say, “Give me Hamlin on five and hold the Mayo.”

  4. Minnesotastan »

    12 November 2010 · 9:10 am

    Nice observation, fillyjonk !! Added to the post. Thanks.

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