A case of strap

Brenna by Type ZDuyen Ky is assembling a suitably-smashing Christmas outfit, and one significant component thereof is this towering (to me, anyway) red pump by Type Z, sporting no fewer than four straps per side.

And four buckles per side, which I presume are positioned once and then ignored thereafter; otherwise, well, that seems like a lot of work just to put on a shoe. (I don’t know anyone who would actually undo each and every one of those buckles every time she took off the shoe. Then again, since I am inevitably observing from afar and extrapolating accordingly, I could be totally wrong.)

The shoe itself, called “Brenna,” can also be had in black. The heel rises to 5½ inches, or as Duyen would say, “about average,” and there’s a 1¼-inch platform underneath. It is definitely an attention-getter; as one vendor says of the brand, “If you’re looking for an affordable way to look your best, Type Z brand shoes will give you more attention than a zebra with hot pink stripes.” Whether that’s hot pink with black, or hot pink with white, they didn’t say.

(Too many straps, you think? Get a load of this.)


  1. fillyjonk »

    6 December 2010 · 11:53 am

    But, if the shoes fit as they should (so you don’t risk breaking an ankle in them), you’d probably have to undo at least ONE strap to get them off. Maybe two, based on the configuration. Unless there’s some elastic there I can’t see….

    I am slowly losing the flexibility necessary to gracefully reach down and do shoe-buckles like that. Especially small fiddly ones…

  2. Teresa »

    6 December 2010 · 12:52 pm

    Yes definitely too many straps. Will make just about any woman’s legs looke like sausages above the top strap. It’s one of the primary reasons I hate the look of “Mary Jane” shoes. Ha.

  3. CGHill »

    7 December 2010 · 11:28 am

    Then you almost certainly hated this four-strap Mary Jane.

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