Strange search-engine queries (253)

It’s time once more to pry open the door to the server and see what sort of nonsense can be found in the logs. As of this writing, the disclosure of this previously-unseen material, unbeknownst to the persons who produced it, has been a major topic of discussion in zero countries worldwide.

how to write a check for 475:  It helps if you have 475 to start with, which rather a lot of people don’t.

cheep working transmitions for a mazda 626 year 1999:  It helps if you have 2475 to start with, which rather a lot of people don’t.

calvin and hobbes “maybe you’re just stupid”:  You’re sure you’re not New Wave?

Rift and Separate:  See, for instance, the Praytex Riving Bla.

lack of bread:  Your punishment for the sin of gluteny.

mean heartless society?  I suspect median heartless society is probably a closer approximation.

ford bringing back the probe:  They’d have to get permission from the TSA.

“modern Country Music” “unlistenable”:  That’s what they were saying back when Patsy Cline was on the radio.

transvestites wearing kotex:  Now how did this story leak out?

do mothers make their sons wear pantyhose for punishment:  Right before throwing them into the briar patch, Br’er Rabbit.

Sextillion masturbation:  About a week and a half at most boys’ schools.

is Paul Anka legally separated from that Swedish witch Anna:  “I’m so old and you’re so young / Please die, Anna, burst a lung…”

I have a general disinterest in things. What should I do?  Who gives a shit?

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