With Enthusiasm

Liz Enthusiasm, lead singer of Freezepop, that is. As is becoming typical of self-released music albums these days, Freezepop’s Imaginary Friends is available at several price points, from the lowest Download Only (Level 1) to whatever the band can persuade you to pay for ephemera and trinkets and whatnot.

If you can ante up five grand, this is Freezepop’s Level 9:

You and a guest fly to Boston to spend a day and night with Freezepop! Package includes:

  • Roundtrip airfare for 2 (continental US only)
  • 1 nights stay in Freezepop’s guest room (mattress is pretty comfy)
  • An afternoon of thrift shopping with Liz
  • An hour with [The Other] Sean [T. Drinkwater], watching the History Channel or some show about science that will freak you out and make you question the purpose of humanity/existence/etc.

And so much more. As the phrase goes, it doesn’t get any better than this — unless Spıal Tap comes up with a Level 11.

Disclosure: Being cheapish by nature, I bought Level 2, which includes an actual CD plus MP3 and FLAC downloads.

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