You’re throwing away those genes?

Robert Stacy McCain, in the process of providing coverage, if you will, of the unraveling of The Playmate Formerly Known As Angela Dorian, adds this supplemental commentary:

I’m pretty sure she’s not anybody’s mom. It’s a familiar tragedy of Hollywood, which draws in these stunningly beautiful women who, due to the pressures of the industry or the medical consequences of the hedonistic lifestyle, so often end up childless. Thus whatever hereditary factor there is in such remarkable beauty (and it is substantial) reaches a Darwinian dead-end and the future of humanity becomes slightly uglier.

Let’s face it: The poor and ugly are always going to make their fair share of genetic contributions to the future. If the rich and beautiful don’t keep pace, we’re on an inexorable slow-motion descent to universal ugliness and poverty.

A veritable Socialist Heaven. If nobody is wealthier and nobody is prettier, nobody has anything to complain about, ever again.

Were such a society actually to exist, you’d give it six months, maybe, before good old Human Nature reasserted itself and knocked it to its knees. Which, now that I think about it, is precisely the right location for it.

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