Come, Mr Trolley Man

A couple of items from OKC Herbivore’s wish list:

What if we built three parking areas (garages, not large flat, wasteful lots): at 50th and May, 63rd and May, and Wilshire and May. Wait, we already have big lots there.

Now, build a trolley that runs along May Ave’s shopping and offices, one every 7 minutes. Until midnight.

Depends on what we want to tear down at each of those corners.

I’m thinking more in terms of 43rd (the old Lynn Hickey Dodge lot), 54th (Smicklas Chevrolet, which allegedly is destined to become a Dave and Buster’s), 63rd (crowding out Ballengers Furniture, which is closing), and 86th (actual vacant space). Maybe they could talk The Village into putting in a facility north of Britton Road.

Ultimately, though, this has to run from 50th all the way to 150th to include everything we think of as the May Retail Corridor.

Meanwhile, a trolley two miles to the east sounds promising:

Build another one along Western Ave, every 10 minutes, until 2am, that connects the Asian District/Paseo with stops at 36th, Will Rogers Amphitheater, 51st (Forward Foods, the Classen Circle), CHK, Nichols Hills Plaza (maybe), then Britton.

This would supplant bus route 5, except that the bus runs something like once every 80 minutes every other Thursday. It’s almost like they didn’t want you to use it.

(Suggested by Steve Lackmeyer.)


  1. Dustin »

    18 December 2010 · 3:04 pm

    Cool thoughts! I am glad to see the details picked up here-yeah, there are plenty of open spaces to work with, and even using some of the existing lots in the early stages would work and help offset some costs.

    I was always running into issues trying to determine where the endcaps of the line could be-cause I definitely think there is good retail all the way down to 23rd on May (Epperson, Canterbury, IPGI, grocery, Shiskabob, Lowe’s etc.), and it would be cool to eventually connect it all the way up to Quail Springs area. There is so much residential surrounding these areas that the people density might be there, not to mention the still healthy amount of unique shops and restaurants on that stretch of May. They are just so removed form one another…

    As for supplanting route 5 (or helping it), I hear you. I live right on it, and am glad to, because connecting on our buses is an evil task. nearly impossible.

    Thanks for the thoughts!

  2. CGHill »

    18 December 2010 · 11:58 pm

    At 23rd, you could also pick up Taft/Northwest Classen students, though there’s probably going to be a lot of yammering about whether unsupervised students should be allowed on public transit. (It wasn’t a problem for me 40-odd years ago, so I can see no reason why it should be a problem for them now.)

    The area around 50th and May records WalkScores in the 70 range, which isn’t bad at all, though the loss of a bookstore on 50th and the conversion of a local grocery to a chain drug store cost a few points.

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