Diligently tracked

The thing about Amazon — well, one of the things about Amazon — is that it remembers everything you’ve done on their site better than you do, and therefore there’s a reason why they have all these recommendations for you when you venture over there.

Amazon acquired Zappos last year, which apparently I had forgotten, because I wandered over to Zappos yesterday and yes, they had recommendations for me. Not that I’d actually wear them or anything, but I was amused enough to pass one of those recommendations on to you.

Jeanette by Me Too

You’re looking at “Jeanette,” from the Me Too line, and I suspect you’ve probably seen something like it before. It’s a nice satin sling with just a hint of “prom shoe” (see discussion of the concept here) and maybe too large a bow up front. (One Zappos customer says she tripped over it.) The color recommended was Champagne, though I prefer this brown version. The heel is listed as 3¾ inches, but somehow looks a little lower. At this writing, “Jeanette” is marked down from $89 to $61. Would I wear this were I a girl-type person? I think I might. Not that it matters at this point.


  1. Linda »

    29 December 2010 · 4:45 pm

    I’ve decided that I love the fact you post about women’s shoes.

  2. CGHill »

    29 December 2010 · 5:52 pm

    Five years ago, I discovered that shoe stuff got lots of response: the guys were generally baffled, but the women seemed to come alive. I didn’t do another one for several months, but when I got the same results the second time, I decided that maybe I should do more.

  3. Kim »

    29 December 2010 · 8:04 pm

    Shoes are one of those things that triggers endorphins. Even looking at them. Buying them is better than, well, cleaning your toilet. But, whatever.
    This particular pair is adorable. And the price is cheap. If I had a decent manicure I’d scoop them up even if I did have to wear a skirt to work.

  4. Teresa »

    29 December 2010 · 10:20 pm

    Shoes. Must comment. Or go buy a pair. I can’t decide which. Heh.

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