Somewhere out there

Call it Lyndon, or call it Linden, but it’s still a pit:

It was the fourth habitable world found (at least by the NATO powers), the closest to Earth, the only planet “taken” by NATO during the Far Edge War and the third settled by USSF colonists. The climate’s pretty good, the local land life not especially varied or aggressive toward humans; “terraforming” has been no big deal, about like settling Ohio. Or more like Texas, minus the border issues: some challenges but the settlers rose to meet them. And had kids. A lot of kids. And indulged in various flavors of civic involvement most majorly.

Which was a bit of exposition from Roberta X’s I Work On A Starship, an actual dead-tree copy of which is on the way to my mailbox even as we speak. I’d downloaded an ebook version, which was less than $2, but I wanted something permanent for the library.

Maybe I’ll schlep it to the Hidden Frontier some year and get her to sign it.


  1. Jeffro »

    30 December 2010 · 9:32 pm

    Got my dead tree version on the way as well. I hope this works out well for her!

  2. Roberta X »

    31 December 2010 · 8:12 am

    Thank you very much for the mention — and the link!

    Jeffro: I’m probably not going to be able to retire on the proceeds. It is fun nevertheless.

  3. CGHill »

    31 December 2010 · 8:48 am

    I think of it this way: It’s a real book, with an ISBN number — which technically is a redundancy, said the guy on the way to the ATM machine — and everything. Damned few of us scribblers can hold anyone’s interest for 300-odd pages.

    (At the other end of the continuum, there’s Syaffolee, who’s surely finished a dozen novels by now.)

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