Going somewhere

After two and a half weeks, during which it was either on my desk or in the car, I figured it was probably time to file Freezepop’s Imaginary Friends (reviewed here) on the appropriate shelf, which is the big CD tree (it’s five feet high but not presently rising) in the living room.

Filing rules:

  • Pop (as distinguished from classical) is (mostly) filed by artist.
  • Various-artists compilations are filed more or less at random, though they’re all on the same face, and series — Time-Life, Rhino’s Have a Nice Day, anything from ERIC — are grouped together. Pop soundtracks from films also go here, near the bottom.
  • Classical discs are filed by composer. If there are two, I pick the one for which I bought the disc. Multiple-composer compilations are (mostly) filed by artist.
  • The Beatles get a shelf to themselves. It holds all the canonical albums, the two Past Masters discs, the Live at the BBC set, and all three Anthology sets. It does not, however, have room for the greatest-hits disc 1, and I have bought no Beatles stuff since then.

So where does Freezepop fit in? Right between Aretha Franklin and Jane Froman. Yes, that Jane Froman. There are other acts who’d fit in there, but they’re on the vinyl shelf.


  1. Nicole »

    2 January 2011 · 4:30 pm

    Never heard of Jane Froman until just now. 39 surgeries. Gah, poor thing.

    When I hear “Froman” I think “Abe Froman. The Sausage King of Chicago.”

  2. CGHill »

    2 January 2011 · 4:41 pm

    Just for a reminder, I spun her CD this afternoon while prepping the outgoing recyclables. (I had about 200 lb of magazines and newspapers that should have gone several months ago.) I never quite get tired of the old standards — except maybe for “You’ll Never Walk Alone,” for which I blame Jerry Lewis.

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