Strange search-engine queries (257)

It’s shoveling time, and while you’re clearing cold and damp unpleasantness from your driveway, we’re digging into the site logs in search of stuff that isn’t necessarily cold and damp, but which might be just as unpleasant in its own way. At least we don’t have to wear gloves — mostly.

legalarity:  A condition occasionally sought by George W. Bush before a strategerical imperative.

“the playboy advisor” body odor:  He’s against it.

papers of strom thurmond:  Typically, white, 8½ by 14. Nothing unusual for the period.

milfs for christmas:  Sorry, Mommy was busy kissing Santa Claus at the time.

manu ginobili looks like squidward:  Well, it all works out, since Russell Westbrook vaguely resembles Sandy Cheeks. Minus the helmet, of course.

“defend against plagiarism:”  Don’t write anything. It’ll be that much harder for them to copy.

backyard nudity legal in oklahoma:  It’s the third of January. You do not want to try to find this out for yourself for several months yet.

Dick van patten hairy:  It is not for you to speculate as to the hairiness of Dick Van Patten, or indeed of any other Dick.

I couldnt possibly hope to disagree with you:  Sure you could. You’d be wrong, of course, but you can’t have everything.

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