However many weeks’ notice

The Man of the West tells us of the resignation letter he’s actually going to send, and then of the resignation letter he feels like sending. Scissored from the latter:

I have to be on good terms with the rich and the poor, with the native and the foreigner, with the saints and with the wickedest of the reprobate. I have had to extract information from people who do not speak the language and from people whose illnesses render them no longer able to speak at all. I have had to communicate with people who cannot hear and with people who cannot see.

Possession of these characteristics, alas, does not apparently pay well:

I don’t begrudge you the cost-saving moves; that’s just business. I am just saying that effectively cutting my pay doesn’t really constitute an incentive for me to stay.

Traditionally, one quotes Johnny Paycheck and/or David Allan Coe at a time like this, but sometimes it takes Jello Biafra.


  1. fillyjonk »

    7 January 2011 · 10:28 am

    That’s a pretty impressive letter. I think many workers could write similar ones (but never would, except maybe after having won the Powerball jackpot.)

    I maintain that dealing with the public has to be the worst part of just about any job.

  2. Man of the West »

    8 January 2011 · 11:07 am

    Thanks for the link and the kind words!

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