Spin the black circle

WordPress throws up a large black dot at you if there’s a new version of WP or of any of the entirely-too-many plugins you use. (I have, yes, a plugin to display the plugins I use; you can see it at work here.)

And actually, I rolled back a version of one particular plugin — WordPress Database Backup — because its most recent version was choking on the last part of its designated function. The way it’s supposed to work: no less than once a week, it’s supposed to download the MySQL tables, gzip the lot, and email it to me. At first, I thought it was a mail issue, because the gzipped file was approach 10 MB. A trip through FTP, though, showed me that all those backups were in fact stored on the site, uncompressed, eight weeks’ worth, about a quarter of a gigabyte of disk space.

Finding that I was not alone, I decided to clear out the current version, which is 2.2.3, and reinstall 2.2.2. Works like a charm.

I expect there will be a fix before too long. In the meantime, the black dot glares at me from the admin panel.

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