Gimme a ticket for an aeroplane

You know the song already. It’s direct and to the point, but the potential for rudeness is on the high side, as Zooey Deschanel is compelled to point out:

To whom are you explaining all of this? The ticket agent? FYI the ticket agent definitely doesn’t care why you’re buying a plane ticket. The ticket agent just wants your money, not your explanations.

On t’other hand, “The Letter” was written by Wayne Carson Thompson, who also wrote this, so sivilizing him, Mark Twain-style, may prove to be a bit more complicated than she anticipated.

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  1. zigzag »

    7 February 2011 · 1:18 am

    Operator, you can forget about this call
    noone there I really wanted to talk to …
    Thanks for your time
    you’ve been so much more than kind
    you can keep the dime.
    Jim Croce

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