No shake, Sherlock

Yes, you can has cheezburger, and it’s your own responsibility when you nomnomnom:

State law would bar people from suing restaurants for causing them to gain weight, under a proposal revived by a Central Minnesota legislator.

The Personal Responsibility in Food Consumption Act is authored by Rep. Dean Urdahl, R-Grove City, who also calls it “the cheeseburger bill.”

Urdahl says his bill would shield restaurants, farmers and others in the food business from frivolous litigation. He points to a 2002 New York case in which people sued McDonald’s Corp. after eating its food for years and becoming overweight.

Trial lawyers, unsurprisingly, oppose this measure:

An association that represents Minnesota trial lawyers opposed previous versions of Urdahl’s bill. That group, now called the Minnesota Association for Justice, still hews to that position, spokesman Mike Bryant said Friday.

Bryant said “there’s no purpose” for Urdahl’s bill, adding that he’s never heard of a Minnesota case of the type the bill is meant to ban. Lawyers and judges are the best deterrents to baseless litigation, Bryant added.

We were unable to determine the color of the sky in Mike Bryant’s world.

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  1. fillyjonk »

    7 February 2011 · 12:10 pm

    Any legislation that will help prevent the eventual requirement for me to step on a scale before “they” will sell me food, I am in favor of.

    There’s also a woman allegedly suing the Nutella company because their spread is not “health food.” Like everything HAS to be…

  2. Jennifer »

    7 February 2011 · 3:06 pm

    I’m disappointed that there would be a need for such a bill. That said, I hope it passes. Maybe it could simplified to just the Personal Responsibility Act. If you are harmed by your own choices and stupidity, it’s your own fault. Choices come with consequences.

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