Rooted out

I spend so much time denouncing really stupid stuff on Yahoo! Answers that I feel a twinge whenever I see something I think is sorta clever.

Like, for instance, this:

To anyone that knows the Tron film (old one, not new one) and unices. Would the MCP have root?

He says at the beginning that he has had trouble “reappropriating” some files. Assuming this means chroot, then he can’t have root because he can’t change permissions for files. And he has to hack into other systems, which suggests he’s more likely to be a virus than an operating system.

Best answer at the time I read it:

I always thought of MCP as a daemon for Root. MCP is not OS and he can’t be a program limited to Heap, thus he’s a “yes man” like Smithers is to Mr. Burns on The Simpsons.


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