Difference split

The last thing Glenn Reynolds linked to on Saturday night was this piece of mine.

This is only my third Instalanche, and I wasn’t quite sure what the result would be: once I got 53 hits, once I got about thirteen thousand.

If I’d thought it out, I’d have figured it would have fallen Somewhere In Between: weekends are not big-traffic days anyway, and there was some sort of sports event on Sunday. As of last night, I’d picked up around 6,500 total; the Sunday SiteMeter figure was 5,155, and for the moment at least, I have a ten-percent bump in feed subscribers.

And I owe a tip of some fedora-like article of clothing to The Other McCain, who linked to that punchline first, presumably giving the Instant Man an opportunity to see it.

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  1. LeeAnn »

    9 February 2011 · 7:46 am

    If I ever looked and saw 13K on anything I’d written, I poop a purple turtle. The biggest ‘lanche I’ve gotten was from a mention you made vis a vis something I scrawled.
    It’s both gratifying and scary, those big numbers. Congrats. :)

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