And it’s not even Wednesday

Christina Ricci is thirty years old today, which means that all that Addams Family stuff is more than half a lifetime ago.

Besides, she’s long since developed a look of her own, deployed here at the 2009 premiere of Brüno:

Christina Ricci at the Bruno premiere 2009

Still, some of that wicked ingenuity that served her well in the house of Gomez and Morticia was there from the very beginning:

When her elementary school held auditions for The Twelve Days of Christmas, Ricci was in danger of losing the lead to another kid. So she hatched a plot only slightly more diabolical than the one she would later act out in The Opposite of Sex. Ricci taunted her rival so much that he socked her. When she tattled, he lost the part.

Clearly this is a woman with whom one does not mess.


  1. Francis W. Porretto »

    13 February 2011 · 5:00 am

    Because of the Addams Family movies, I had little idea that Ricci could really act. Then Duyen told me to have a look at Black Snake Moan. This gal has it — in spades. I hope her career goes forward unblemished by anything, shall we say, Lohanesque.

  2. Tatyana »

    13 February 2011 · 6:28 am

    …in any way.

  3. LeeAnn »

    13 February 2011 · 6:59 am

    My answer when people ask me if my daughter looks like me has always been, “No, she looks just like Christina Ricci.”
    And she does. Maybe better, but that’s just my DNA talkin’.

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