Try this cap on for size

Tulsa County Assessor Ken Yazel wants you to know that if the legislature passes one of its property-tax limitation measures, it doesn’t mean your taxes will quit going up, which regular readers of this site know already.

That much is pretty well indisputable. But then he comes up with this:

Yazel said lowering the cap on property valuations wouldn’t benefit poor or middle-class homeowners because it does not address the real issue — the growing demand for property tax money.

“If I constrain a taxable value for a home in an area that is going up 14 or 15 percent a year, I no longer have as much value in that rising neighborhood,” so the millage rate — which affects the entire area — will have to be increased to raise the funds needed, Yazel said. “So we’re shifting the fair share, if you will, to the people who live in the neighborhoods that do not go up.”

In other news, there are supposedly areas in Tulsa County that are increasing in value 14 or 15 percent a year.

(Via Mike McCarville.)

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