Heather notes that the marble floor at the Capitol plays hell with her feet, and refuses to play along with the unwritten dress code:

As you may or may not know, among my many character flaws is a serious lack of fashion sense. Well, maybe not a lack of sense (I’m pretty sure I can differentiate between fashionable and non- fashionable people, I just can’t apply that to myself) but more of a comfort-over-style attitude. Also a cheap-over-expensive attitude. Which culminates into me lookin like a ragamuffin half the time. Well, let me tell ya, these lady lobbyists aren’t messin around with style. There are some very chic chicks around that building. As one representative has pointed out, to be a lady lobbyist, one must wear the highest, skinniest stilettos one can find. If not, St. Peter won’t let you into heaven.

Lobbying, first and foremost, involves persuasion, and if you expect to persuade the typical member of the Oklahoma legislature, first you have to get his attention. (Yes, “his”: there are only nineteen women out of 149.)

Then again, so far as killer heels go, the killer-est I’ve seen lately have been on pharmaceutical reps, making the rounds at the doctors’ offices. I suspect the same principle is at work.

Aside to St. Peter: Don’t you call me, now. I can’t go.


  1. fillyjonk »

    4 March 2011 · 7:30 am

    “The higher the shoes, the closer to God”?

    Textbook reps around here also throw off the same vibes as the pharma reps.

  2. Tatyana »

    4 March 2011 · 8:04 am

    Speaking of those marble floors: stone tile reps in my town are not only balance on those skinny stilettos, they do it while carrying cases filled with marble and granite with them! And being paid peanuts and told by their bosses to use subway (up-n-down 50-steps stairs) instead of taxis, cause “the economy is bad”…And smile like a million bucks all the time!

  3. Heather »

    4 March 2011 · 9:55 am

    Thanks for the pingback, Dusty! Can I call you Dusty? Thanks. I refuse to have to get foot surgery at 40 just for looks!

  4. Duyen Ky »

    5 March 2011 · 5:24 am

    Wimps! You think stilettos on a stone tile floor are a challenge? I wear these to the gun range.

  5. CGHill »

    5 March 2011 · 2:13 pm

    I think we can safely conclude the following:

    (1) Duyen is not kidding;

    (2) This sort of thing is not entirely unheard of.

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