Tree Museum, please, and step on it

Joni Mitchell once wailed about a big yellow taxi taking away her old man, a cry which evidently moved Mike Bloomberg, who, in his capacity as Lead Nanny Mayor of New York, sought to require taxis to be Less Big.

And the Supremes shot him down:

Mayor Bloomberg’s master plan to make every yellow taxi go green has come to a screeching halt.

The US Supreme Court ended a four-year legal battle [Monday] by refusing to hear the city’s appeal of two lower-court decisions that struck down the mayor’s mandate forcing cab operators to buy fuel-efficient hybrids.

The courts had sided with the Metropolitan Taxicab Board of Trade, which represents hundreds of taxi-fleet owners, by ruling that it’s up to federal agencies — not local officials — to regulate fuel-economy and emissions standards.

Which is not to say that every hack with a New York taxi medallion drives a Crown Victoria: hybrids make up about a third of the fleet, and can be seen at various spots in the Apple.

(Via Autoblog.)


  1. McGehee »

    4 March 2011 · 9:30 am

    it’s up to federal agencies — not local officials — to regulate fuel-economy and emissions standards.

    If someone can use that ruling to challenge California’s standards, the Fugue State might get another three or four weeks out of its current trajectory — perhaps impacting in western Cuba instead of the tip of the Yucatan Peninsula.

  2. fillyjonk »

    4 March 2011 · 10:02 am

    From the department of unexpected consequences: My father is on a review board that periodically requires him to go to Chicago. Easiest way to do that by train, and take a taxi to the place where the review board meets. Except. My father is partially disabled because of severe osteoarthritis and not-entirely-successful knee surgery, and it’s very hard for him to bend himself into the small space that most Chicago taxis now have, in the name of energy efficiency.

    They DO have “handicapped vans,” but you have to call….and wait….for them.

  3. Tatyana »

    4 March 2011 · 12:06 pm

    McG – speaking of Cuba, I just saw pretty pictures and commentary of what 50 years of Castro rule did to Havana…may be I’ll blog it. It’s pretty scary.

  4. McGehee »

    4 March 2011 · 12:15 pm

    Tatyana, let me know if you do. There’s an “Contact” link at my blog.

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