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Women, one study says, use Facebook as a self-esteem booster:

University at Buffalo researcher Michael A. Stefanone and others found that not only do women share more photos on Facebook, but that they generally base their self-worth more strongly on their appearance. As a result, Stefanone believes that sharing photos on Facebook may be a way for women to try and boost their self-image.

“The results suggest persistent differences in the behavior of men and women that result from a cultural focus on female image and appearance,” he said in a video interview.

Ten-page PDF of the findings here. Men, in the meantime, apparently have no reason to do likewise:

We all know the real purpose of Facebook: a means for girls to whore themselves out and bask in the glow of male attention after uploading pictures of themselves in various states of undress. Any male on Facebook is at an immediate disadvantage as it honestly does nothing for him unless he documents his life to show his high value lifestyle.

On my own FB friends list, percentage of females: 53. Percentage of said females who have uploaded pictures of themselves in various states of undress: pretty close to 0, unless I’ve missed something somewhere. Then again, I’m not in the target demographic, which seems to be “18-34 with a trust fund,” and neither are they, generally.


  1. Teresa »

    14 March 2011 · 1:30 pm

    Once again I have missed out on this whole thing. If I didn’t have 2 kids I’d start to wonder whether I was really a girl or not. heh.

  2. sya »

    14 March 2011 · 3:56 pm

    In the methods section, the researchers only recruited students from introductory communications classes at their institution. I would be interested if any of these results would hold for the students who wouldn’t normally take such surveys, students at other institutions, students of different majors, and people who are not of college age.

  3. Lemon Stand »

    14 March 2011 · 6:04 pm

    Hmmmm. Nope. I’m apparently not a ‘normal’ FB user… and happily so. :)

  4. Dan B »

    15 March 2011 · 12:06 am

    Photos? I thought Facebook existed for Mafia Wars and Mobsters. You mean there’s pr0n to be found?

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