Spy vs. Spy

If you can spare a dime, The City Sentinel has a rundown (by staffer Danniel Parker) of the last days of The Spy and The Other Spy. There’s a gaffe or two here and there — if KINB had actually had 930 “kilowatts,” you’d have been able to pick it up in Tulsa instead of being unable to pick it up in Crown Heights — but the recounting of the legal maneuvering is worth a look.

Update: They’ve now posted the story to their Web site.


  1. Brett »

    26 March 2011 · 8:44 am

    Hoping the Martini format change is the end of it — if the lawsuit costs a couple million then the whole thing will look kind of silly, because the money will have still been spent but there’s still no actual radio station to listen to in the car.

  2. Ryan »

    28 March 2011 · 11:24 am

    That whole story is a gaffe.

    At least a dozen or so incorrect statements.

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