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  1. Dan B »

    7 April 2011 · 6:36 pm

    Shoulda sent him a hangman’s noose instead.

    I still don’t know why King is being allowed to investigate anyone about terrorism. He blatantly and openly supported the Irish Republican Army (who were allies of Hamas, Hezbollah, and Moammar Qaddaffi) during the IRA’s terrorism campaign against the United Kingdom back in the late 1970s & early 1980s. He should have been hanged as a traitor back in the 1980s, instead of being appointed chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee now.

  2. Tatyana »

    8 April 2011 · 1:18 pm

    Oh, right, the “enlightened Dan B” again. What was that, about agitating for violence by placing someone’s image int he crosshairs?

    I think Dan B should be investigated under “hate” laws. To try his own medicine.

  3. Dan B »

    8 April 2011 · 7:27 pm

    This from the Russki Commie Liberal who doesn’t know the different between ‘artificial’ and ‘imaginary’?

    Treason is still a capital offense, at least until you Lefties get that watered down too. Aiding and abetting Qaddaffi back in the 1980s qualifies as treason.

  4. Tatyana »

    8 April 2011 · 8:12 pm

    Funny, how mouth-foaming lefties always think I’m the one “commie liberal”.

    I am not “Russki” either, you dirty nazi.

  5. Tatyana »

    8 April 2011 · 8:43 pm

    Oh maybe I’m wrong.
    Maybe you’re not a leftie, Dan. Maybe you simply are a textbook racist bigoted old asshole.

    So you tell me, Dan which one are you?

  6. CGHill »

    8 April 2011 · 10:05 pm

    I dunno about Dan, but I’ve always considered myself an equal-opportunity asshole.

  7. Tatyana »

    8 April 2011 · 11:26 pm

    I have to agree. You gave en equal opportunity to both a nazi and to a Jew. You must have been enjoying this spectacle. Was I entertaining enough?

    Something came to mind, though. Seeing as Dan B here is totally clueless not just about me, but about…well, sadly, the whole world and its mechanics and him being a an asshole throwing racist slurs and proposing to send a noose to a person – he looks very similar to Rep. King’s assailant. Who, in his moronic simplicity, figured: ah, King is against Muslims – then he must be a Jew, and Jews don’t eat pork -so that’s what I’ll send him he’ll be scared to death!
    The two are so similar…hey, Dan, was it you, genius? Did you sent that present to Mr. King?

  8. Dan B »

    9 April 2011 · 10:33 pm

    Tatz, you were the one saying I deserved to be out picking cotton just because I had a known Black ancestor.

    Russia is a country, not a race. Communism is a ideology, not a race. I am not going to ask why your obsession with race, because I don’t care enough. I’m just glad you’re in Yankeeland with the rest of your kind.

    Confusing a call for justice for ‘hate speech’ is straight out of the UC-Berkeley playbook. So is the issue with the death penalty for an obvious traitor.

    If you waddle like a duck, swim like a duck, and quack like a duck. If you don’t want to be construed as a Liberal, don’t act like one.

  9. Dan B »

    9 April 2011 · 10:51 pm

    BTW since you brought it up, Muslims don’t eat pork either.

    So by your same “logic”, the sender must have been Muslim, because the foot of a pig is the filthiest part of the filthiest animal as per the Koran. But he’s also a Jew by that same “logic”. A Jewish-Muslim, hmmm. And I just happen to have a Jewish first name and a Muslim last name. So I must have done it, right?

    King probably had the pig’s foot sent to himself, a typical type of move for an attention whore like him. But then you don’t care, you’re only obsessed with the race of perp: Irish-Catholic. Oops, that’s not a race either. Guess you’re out of luck all around, Tsaritsa.

  10. Tatyana »

    10 April 2011 · 7:37 am

    What an idiot.

    No, Dan, you did not have a clue to what i said then and don’t have it now.

    Well, low Q is a punishment in itself. Promise not to touch you with a stick.

  11. Dan B »

    10 April 2011 · 3:22 pm

    I know exactly what you said. Problem is that I look past what you said and found your true meaning and called you out on it.

    Unlike others, I don’t just feed the Internet trolls, I gorge them with a constant onslaught of logic and reason until they surrender.

    I will hold you to your ‘promise’, but I figure with Stalinist “blood” in your veins you forget your ‘promise’ as soon as it’s convenient for you.

  12. Tatyana »

    10 April 2011 · 3:24 pm

    Don’t flatter yourself, Danny-boy.
    You are an idiot.

    Go %uck yourself.

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