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Andrea Harris, in a thread at Rand Simberg’s place, explains what the Internet is for:

Providing a place where big city liberals can pretend to reach out [to] the unsophisticated rubes, and get back some of that special feeling they lost when their meatspace experiences are always like this: “I ate at that new Syrian-Tongan fusion restaurant the other day. It was superb!” “Well, my eldest daughter, Fuchsia, came back from a year’s volunteer work in Lesotho with Doctors Without Borders. They tell me she was instrumental in saving three villages from an epidemic of beri-beri and typhoid! She’s in care now, but they tell me she’ll be able to walk again in a year, and will regain almost all movement in her right arm! On the other hand, Philip Junior’s cd of world music with the Fijian Deaf-Mute Choir just entered the charts at number 4!”

This is venturing perilously close to Family Christmas Card Updates.

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  1. Dan B »

    7 April 2011 · 6:07 pm

    I’ve haven’t seen much of that on the Internet. I see more of Crazy Aunt Mildred sending pictures of her dozen or more cats, prayer chain letters, complaining that it’s illegal to say The Pledge of Allegiance at public schools, lucky chains letters, racist jokes, and rants about how the government should stay out of her Medicare and Social Security.

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