Abdication postponed

The Sacramento Kings, next year, will be called — the Sacramento Kings:

The Sacramento Kings will remain in town for at least one more season to give Mayor Kevin Johnson a chance to follow through on his promise of a new arena.

The Kings had been considering a move to Anaheim, Calif., after several failed efforts to build a new arena in Sacramento, but they decided to give Johnson one more shot.

“The mayor of Sacramento has told the NBA relocation committee that he will have a plan for a new arena within a year,” co-owner Joe Maloof said Monday. “If not, the team will be relocated to another city.”

State government has no money, but announced they’d step up to help:

Four California lawmakers, including the leader of the state Senate, sent a letter to NBA Commissioner David Stern last week pledging to work with local leaders over the next year to try to build a sports and performing arts complex to replace the Kings’ outdated arena.

Senate President Pro Tem Darrell Steinberg, a Democrat from Sacramento, said he would use his clout to make sure his district gets its share of state bond money that could go to build the complex.

Personally, I think Lakers owner Jerry Buss ought to kick in a few million: the longer he can keep the Kings from moving to Anaheim, the more his cable-TV contract with Time Warner will be worth.


  1. CT »

    3 May 2011 · 1:26 pm

    Back to Kansas City with them, where the crampy confines of Sprint Center await…

  2. CGHill »

    3 May 2011 · 3:47 pm

    Wait a minute. Sprint Center is crampy? People have been telling me that it’s like the Grand Canyon with a roof.

  3. Brett »

    3 May 2011 · 3:49 pm

    Here’s hoping the good folk of Sacramento don’t get hoodwinked into paying for an arena.

  4. Dan B »

    4 May 2011 · 12:12 am

    Kansas City, Saint Louis, and Seattle have openings for NBA teams. And in Seattle they could have a choice of names, given that Seattle is in King County and the local NBC affiliate is KING. So of course, they’ll change the name back to the Sonics.

    But if the Kings move to any of those locales, do they stay in the Pacific division or they move to the Northwest Division and send us to the Pacific? Saint Louis (but then so does OKC either for that matter) in the Pacific makes almost as much sense as Atlanta Falcons of the NFL being in the NFC West from 1970 to 2001.

    Then again, we are talking about Excremento here, so no telling what those raving nutters are liable to pull.

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