Heck of a disincentive, Brownie

“In groups, with children, or by themselves,” says Julie, “women are often weird with food,” and she offers this example:

A woman came in to get something to eat, a woman who seems to be successful, confident, attractive, and lacking in the ever-growing typical princess-diva behavior. She was mature and put-together and came up to the counter and looked at what was available and flatly stated that she’d just have a sandwich because, she said as she gestured to the desserts, she didn’t deserve it.

She didn’t deserve it?

What does one have to do to deserve a brownie? Are there brownie prerequisites?

I suppose the most obvious question is “Was she wearing L’Oréal?”

Being neither mature nor put-together, I spotted a brownie at the bakery section of the supermarket, a brownie about the size of an iPad. Five bucks. Took me half a week to finish it off. Did I deserve such a thing? Probably not. Am I going to agonize over that? Just until the end of this sentence.


  1. Nicole »

    4 May 2011 · 7:14 pm

    Apparently I am also neither mature nor put together. My problems all stem from the fact that I’m pretty positive I deserve brownies the size of my head.

  2. sya »

    4 May 2011 · 9:16 pm

    If she was in front of me at the cafe, I think I’d order a brownie (or two) just to be contrary.

  3. Deborah »

    5 May 2011 · 7:03 am

    I rarely deserve a brownie, but I frequently deserve a martini. Dang. I’m out of gin again.

  4. fillyjonk »

    5 May 2011 · 7:32 am

    No, the “I don’t deserve it” thing makes sense. It’s something that’s a not-uncommon undertone in the women’s mags and other places. And the health reporting on the morning news. (“If you get Type II diabetes, it is most likely your own fault.”)

    I will admit to having said to myself, “well, I did exercise today, so I guess I deserve that cookie.”

    If I were more of a gender feminist I would claim that all the dieting and food weirdness stuff was a plan by The Man to keep us down, but actually it seems that it’s usually women making the bat-guano-crazy food “rules.”

  5. LeeAnn »

    5 May 2011 · 8:17 am

    Speaking of, the L’Oreal thing has always brought out the “nuh-uh” evil inner child in me. “You’re worth it!” coos the Blonde of the Month.
    “AM NOT!” shrieks I and channel-flips away to watch something un-girly, possibly with zombies and loosened eyeballs and dogs named Cujo.
    I’ve been accused of overreaction, isn’t that odd?
    AM NOT!

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