Insert “balls” joke here

And while we’re at it, be sure to mention the word “scratch”:

A St. Paul bowling alley was evacuated this morning and the police department bomb squad was called after a man allegedly said he would set off a bomb in his backpack if he lost another game of pool, according to police.

Srinivasa Koosmann, 35, left his backpack on the landing, halfway up the stairs by the front door of Midway Pro Bowl at 1556 University Ave., said Andy Skoogman, police spokesman. The bomb squad analyzed it and determined no explosive device was inside, he said.

Skoogman — a name every bit as cool as “Koosmann” — concluded that alcohol was a factor in this incident. Gee, ya think?

Disclosure: I’m a lousy pool player after several drinks, only a few drinks, or even no drinks at all.

(Via Pop Culture Junk Mail.)

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  1. fillyjonk »

    6 May 2011 · 10:50 am

    Truth is not merely stranger than fiction; it’s also stupider.

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