Angrier birds

Or maybe they’re just intoxicated:

Drunk lorikeets are falling out of the sky in Darwin.

Despite tough laws on alcohol consumption across the Northern Territory, a vet was preparing for another season of alcohol-fueled avian vertigo.

The noisy birds — famous for creating a racket at the Friday Palmerston Markets, on the outskirts of Darwin — act in a drunk manner and then fall over, according to Ark Animal Hospital vet Dr Stephen Cutter.

Sounds like your cousin from [fill in name of disfavored region], doesn’t it? But Wikipedia notes:

Due to the largely liquid diet of lorikeets, their droppings are also of a very liquid nature, making them one of the messier companion birds to keep.

Let’s hope that doesn’t sound like your cousin from [fill in name of disfavored region].

(Spotted, so to speak, by the Friar.)

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