Maybe I’m not demanding enough

As most of you know, I am highly susceptible to earworms, and I am not above putting them here to share the misery.

The example at hand (no visuals, so I decided not to embed the “video”) I first heard last spring in an episode of Coverville; I can usually count on at least one song per episode pushing my WTF button, but this one positively slammed it. The track comes from Canadian wisenheimers The Pursuit of Happiness; it may not be the most off-center Prince cover ever, but it’s definitely the one I play most loudly.


  1. Dan B »

    1 June 2011 · 11:52 pm

    I didn’t know it had a name, I just know I need a Skip Forward button for the audio track in my head when it get stuck.

  2. andybud »

    2 June 2011 · 1:00 am

    Been a fan of TPOH since the late 80s with Love Junk – fantastic album. I found their later releases hit or miss, though.

    Have you checked out the Be Good Tanyas cover of same? I love it.

    Also, must say it’s nice to see you still blogging (this is Andy, from the World Wide Rant) – been perusing some of my old posts, following links, etc, and landed here.

    Hope all is well!

  3. Francis W. Porretto »

    2 June 2011 · 3:59 am

    Earworms are a blessing in disguise. They give protection from unwanted thoughts; a shield against distracting ambient noise; a way to avoid being drawn into the conversations of others; and best of all, something you can hum, whistle, sing, or dance to, to drive off uninvited intruders into your cubicle!

    “Eight, sir! Seven sir!
    Six, sir! Five, sir!
    Four, sir! Three sir!
    Two, sir! One!

    Tenser, said the Tensor.
    Tenser, said the Tensor.
    Tension, Apprehension,
    And Dissension have begun!”

    — Alfred Bester, The Demolished Man

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